Monday, 3 August 2015

Behind the Scene : How To be a Top Youtuber

      You Tube is an online public communications site. The site allows for registered users to upload and have available for the public their videos for viewing. Anyone who goes to the site can view the videos that are posted on this site. The videos are anything from beginner videos to more professional videos. You can put just about anything you want on the YouTube site. You can also watch just about anything on YouTube. There are some great videos out there on YouTube that are very interesting and entertaining and will never be seen anywhere else 

There are the tips on how to be a top YouTuber

Decide whether you want create music video? short film?  tutorial ? or parody ?. Use one theme only to make sure audience can understand on what your channel is about.

   Have a unique name
As usual, name is our own identity. To make sure that people can attract with your channel, your account must have a unique name that can make people recognize it. Use the name that little bit weird but at the same time has the deep meaning. For example ‘This is serious channel’ or ‘klikvideo’.  

     Use your own creativity/style
To make it more natural, use your own creativity or style. For example, if you more prefer on joke when give a talk, so just go with it. It will show your own style. Remember try to be different to make sure people can attract with your channel

     Post content that have a value
Try to avoid to post that waste thing, for example make the parody that , viral video or else. If you are a good youtube user, post the things that can open your viewer mind. For example, make a short film that contain moral values. So from that, people can make it as motivation to improve their self.

    Make references from others
Use the other medium to make it as your reference. This is because when you make some research, you will get more input and by at the same time it can produce the quality product. Remember! Don’t ever copy paste the others artwork.