Saturday, 25 July 2015

Effects of gadget

Technologies are very important in this era. Many benefits we get from it. It is very powerful and useful for us. Many Gadget producers take this opportunity to create their product and optimise to be the largest market around the world.

What Is Gadget?
According to Oxford English Dictionary, Gadget is a small tool such as machine that has variety types of function. In the software industry, "Gadget" refers to computer programs that provide services without needing an independent application to be launched for each one, but instead run in an environment that manages multiple gadgets

But, do you know? Those gadgets also give a negative impact without us conscious?
The answer is YES! It can cause many effects for our health

The statistic shown that, mostly people that addicted with gadgets will get insomnia problem. Which mean, there are having problem to sleep. This is because, they always spent time with their gadget and don’t sleep in the right. From the observation, if people still dint recovery their rest time, it will affect their mental problem. Remember!  Brain needs rest too. So make sure you get full rest to get the healthy body

Facebook Depression
If you are always like to update you status, you must aware on this syndrome, Facebook Depression. It is mostly like feeling or depresses feeling one gets when he sees how great the others life compare to their self on Facebook.  In this case,She/he will get jealous with their friends status and very obsess to have the same life like them.


Lysa's Status : Amazing time with besty forever.. Love them <3
Jessie (Victim of Facebook Depression): *feeling sad* why isn’t my life as exciting as Sarah ??!! huhu

Nomophobia is known as “No Mobile Phone phobia”. In easy word, they cannot get far with the mobile phone. Everything they did must always be together with phone.  One research shown that, girls are more influence with this syndrome. For example, they will snap pictures before/while doing something.   

They are the major effect that we must aware before this entire syndrome will be more serious.

Friday, 24 July 2015

Leadership to be !

A good leader is not the person who does things right, but the person who finds the right things to do. – Anthony T.Dadovano

       Leadership is the art of communicating vision. It is about who design of strategy. It is the establishment of objectives and marshalling of resources to realize these objectives. Leadership is a process by which a person influences others to accomplish an objective and directs the organization  in way that make it more systematic and consistence 

To be a good leader you need UNDERSTAND to  BE - KNOW - DO  

BE a professional. Now you have the responsibility, take it and care it. Be loyal to the organization, perform it well  and professional who show a good character traits. For examples: honesty, competence, commitment, integrity, loyalty and the most important things is RESPECT !

KNOW yourself first, study about yourself. List the strengths and weakness, opportunities and threats of your character (SWOT) the four factor of leadership – follower, leader, communication and situation

DO provide direction, for examples : goal setting, problem solving, decision making, planning the strategy. Because A good leader is not the person who does things right , but the person who finds the right things to do. 

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Dear Self ...

Assalamualaikum & hye to all the viewers

Do you ever wondered that teenagers nowadays are very weak?, I mean, it’s not weak based on their physical but its about their mental. From what observation we did, they were already give up before they start doing something. They always give so many reason and always think negative before start it.

Let’s keep Motivate!

1)Create Your Vision
Here are very important ways to you. Firstly, you must create your own vision and promise to yourself to do it and achieve your goals and create your smile J . For example, we can share the story about the Jackie Chan, do you know that before he be a star film, he just an extra actor in his first film with Bruce Lee.  It’s not easy to achieve something, you must try harder and harder to success it. Jackie Chan have their own vision , which is he act not to be a star film or just entertain viewer but he acts and create movies that have their own values for viewer to understand it.

2) Plan your Game/strategy
The reason that you must plan your game is because it will make you more easier especially on your time management and follow the flow based on what you plan and I’m very surely that if you plan your strategy and work nicely you will see the happy result. In Islam also teaches us to plan our work properly.

3) Keep calm and be yourself
"People may say bad things about you, but you must never say bad things about yourself" No matter what people say, promise that you should keep be yourself and You shouldn’t be something someone else wants you to be, because then it will give you nothing in yourself. Also don’t be like someone else so they can like you.

4) You Can Do it
If you can dream, you can do it ! we are always heard that the first key to success is to dream a great dream . then , think how the ways to achieve it. Many people fail to seek their purpose in life their dream and this is because their set on their mind with one word that is  "I can't" . Here are the big reason why there are fail. So from now, let’s set in our mind that we can do it !

5) Never Give Up

The best word that can i describe on this words is to keep trying and never stop working for your goals ! . You should think carefully ,  to achieve successfully we need to  competitive with ourselves. Excelling is only viable when we have a goal and work toward it and remember when you think to give up, you should think that why you start all this ! Now let’s say to yourself as loud as you can, “Never give up! Never Give up! Never Give up!

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Ready for Interview ?

Let’s prepare for Interview!

According to Dr. S. M. Amunuzzaman, “Interview is a very systematic method by which a person enters deeply into the life of even a stranger and can bring out needed information and data for the research purpose.”

Every person has their own memories during the interview. Interview is like the key that we hold to enter the room. For some peoples, maybe there don’t have any experience in interview. Preparations are everything. It is like our weapons to kill the enemies.

Here are some Tips to prepare an Interview:

First you must study a little bit about the topic. For Examples, basically, the company will asked something about their background, so make sure that you have already studies and done your homework

   2)Prepare Mental & control nervous
This is the big problem for some peoples, When the scariness control your emotion, everything we plan will be a big crisis. So if you are in this situation, just take a long breath and relax yourself. Always think positive and think that you can do it.

   3)Handsome and Pretty
Remember, wear the suitable attire! because from attire are shown our a true character. For man, there are not so much problem about appearance but for women, don’t wear a sexy dress.  In my suggestion, I propose to all of you to wear white colour dressing. Because, according to Dato Fadzilah Kamsah, if we wearing a white shirt, our confidence level can be more active and we will be more persistent to do something.

   4)Talk to The mirror
Here are the tactic to gain your confidence level. As usual, to build the confidence level it’s not an easy part, because it took a long period to gain it. But the easy ways that I prefer is talk to the mirror. Every day and every time, make the mirror as your best friend that always be a good listener.

   5)Say three ( Smile)
During the interview, what happen to you in the room , just keep calm and smile.

Goodluck !