Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Ready for Interview ?

Let’s prepare for Interview!

According to Dr. S. M. Amunuzzaman, “Interview is a very systematic method by which a person enters deeply into the life of even a stranger and can bring out needed information and data for the research purpose.”

Every person has their own memories during the interview. Interview is like the key that we hold to enter the room. For some peoples, maybe there don’t have any experience in interview. Preparations are everything. It is like our weapons to kill the enemies.

Here are some Tips to prepare an Interview:

First you must study a little bit about the topic. For Examples, basically, the company will asked something about their background, so make sure that you have already studies and done your homework

   2)Prepare Mental & control nervous
This is the big problem for some peoples, When the scariness control your emotion, everything we plan will be a big crisis. So if you are in this situation, just take a long breath and relax yourself. Always think positive and think that you can do it.

   3)Handsome and Pretty
Remember, wear the suitable attire! because from attire are shown our a true character. For man, there are not so much problem about appearance but for women, don’t wear a sexy dress.  In my suggestion, I propose to all of you to wear white colour dressing. Because, according to Dato Fadzilah Kamsah, if we wearing a white shirt, our confidence level can be more active and we will be more persistent to do something.

   4)Talk to The mirror
Here are the tactic to gain your confidence level. As usual, to build the confidence level it’s not an easy part, because it took a long period to gain it. But the easy ways that I prefer is talk to the mirror. Every day and every time, make the mirror as your best friend that always be a good listener.

   5)Say three ( Smile)
During the interview, what happen to you in the room , just keep calm and smile.

Goodluck !

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